18 Jun 2021

When to Hire an Employment Lawyer


If you’re wondering when to hire an employment lawyer, now might be the time. When you feel unhappy with your employer’s behavior, you have options. With an employment attorney, you have an advocate to help you understand your options. 

Whether you file a complaint with the EEOC or need representation in a dispute, an attorney helps you understand what to expect. 

What Does an Employment Lawyer Do?

With an employment lawyer, you have representation in cases that involve both state and federal employment laws. Your employment attorney works to ensure employees receive fair, consistent treatment by holding employers accountable for their actions. 

Additionally, your attorney has the capacity to assist you with wage and overtime matters as well as represent you before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). As your advocate, your attorney offers guidance on your rights as an employee when a supervisor or employer violates them. 

Employment attorneys handle a broad spectrum of legal issues that pertain to the workplace. 

Oftentimes, attorneys represent employees who do not belong to a union. As such, they feel powerless when employers treat them in a way that violates the law. When this puts employees at a disadvantage, an attorney is their advocate to level the playing field. 

When to Hire an Employment Lawyer as an Employee

Employers have the capacity to commit an array of legal violations. Often, these violate the rights of employees or put them at a disadvantage. Here are a few ways to know when to hire an employment lawyer. 

  • You experience harassment in the workplace. 
  • An employer treats you in a discriminatory manner relevant to a protected class. 
  • Your employer retaliates against you after you exercise a right, such as requesting earned overtime pay. 
  • The employer terminates you in violation of your employment contract.
  • Your employer forces you to sign an agreement that waives your rights. 
  • The employer fails to provide benefits that the law or your contract entitles you to. 

When an employee sustains an injury or gets sick in the workplace, it may require a worker’s compensation claim. When you want to know when to hire an employment lawyer, you also have the option to request an initial consultation for advice. 

Employment lawyers are familiar with the claims processes for an array of issues. As such, they know how to file an effective claim or appeal a denial of benefits. 

Additionally, when you want to unionize your workplace, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney and understand your rights. There are specific activities to engage in, and employees have specific rights. 

Wondering When to Hire an Employment Attorney? 

If you’re wondering when to hire an employment attorney, now is the time. It’s essential for an employee to contact an attorney as soon as they become aware of a problem. When you wait to contact a lawyer, this delay prevents them from protecting evidence. 

Unfortunately, the burden of proof lies with the employee in many cases, and this is crucial for recovering damages. In order to prove that your employer violated your rights, we need to gather and preserve evidence of their behavior. Additionally, it’s important to understand the time limits that come with asserting your rights and complaints. 

Don’t delay. Schedule a confidential consultation with our Houston employment lawyer today. 

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