Executive Representation in Houston, TX

The Craighead Law Firm offers executive representation in Houston, Texas, to preserve your professional reputation and rights as an employee. We advocate for executives and employees in a variety of industries. As your advocate, we aim to consider your professional goals and personal needs carefully. 

With our deep knowledge of Houston’s business sector and our experience in negotiation, our clients gain peace of mind. When you partner with our employment law firm, we get the job done. 

Protect Your Rights as an Executive

Under state and federal employment law, high-level executives have rights. With experienced executive representation in Houston, you have access to expert representation in various employment matters. These matters include retaliation, discrimination, unpaid wages, and more. 

Moreover, we represent executives in a broad spectrum of legal matters that arise before, during, and after your tenure as an employee. Whether you worked with a public or private company, you deserve aggressive representation that puts your best interests first. 

Retaliation Against Texas Executives

When an executive reports a company’s violation to do the right thing, they often become subject to retaliation from their employer. Retaliation comes in many forms. However, there are a few common occurrences. 

Under Texas law and federal law, it is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees who file a charge for discrimination or participate in a claim of discrimination. Our executive representation team will help you fight if your employer violated your rights. 

Retaliation & the EEOC

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) considers the following actions to be retaliation. 

    • Firing
    • Harassing
    • Demoting
    • Unfavorable changes to promotions, assignments, training, and benefits

Texas Labor Code Chapter 21 (Chapter 21) protects employees from retaliation by their employers. Moreover, they also gain protection from these federal laws: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (Title VII), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Unpaid Wages & Executive Representation

When you depart from a company as an executive, whether voluntarily or otherwise, you may have unpaid wages. Additionally, the company may owe you reimbursement for your expenses, unpaid vacation wages, or underpaid commissions. With the proper executive representation in Houston, you have an advocate to help you collect what they owe. 

When you have substantial unpaid wages, you must partner with an experienced Houston employment lawyer to collect what the company owes you. Whether you had an employment contract, resigned from your position, or were terminated, you have rights. Schedule a consultation with our firm today to collect the wages your former employer owes you. 

Extensive Experience & Personalized Representation

The attorney-client relationship is crucial in these cases.

At Craighead Law Firm, we take the time to get to know our clients. This understanding allows us to pursue your best interests at the negotiation table. Moreover, this helps us ensure you understand your rights to the fullest. 

As we examine every aspect of compensation agreements and employment agreements, we uncover contractual obligations that might unfairly restrict your actions. When this happens, we utilize our experience in the field to offer insight into standard market practices for these arrangements. 

The more we know about your position, the stronger our strategy can be. 

Effective Representation for Houston Executives

If you are an executive in Houston facing issues with your employer, you need an experienced advocate. At The Craighead Law Firm, we place our focus on the protection of employee rights. 

Through litigation, arbitration, and confidential settlement, we help our clients recover what they deserve. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a skilled employment attorney in Houston.