Executive Cases

Whether you are a CEO or Chairman of the Board, executive cases in Houston benefit from expert legal representation. As a Houston employment law firm, we help executives in the city with a broad range of employment law matters

Clayton Craighead commits himself as an advocate for executive employees who require the experience and expertise of an employment lawyer. We provide executive representation for all types of employment matters. When you need a firm with the experience and resources necessary to protect your rights as an executive, call on our legal team. 

As a Houston-based employment law firm, our practice areas encompass the entirety of employment law matters. From legal counsel for executives to guidance for complex litigation, we have the skill needed to represent you in your dispute. 

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Executive Employment Disputes We Cover

As a full-service employment law firm, we offer counsel on an array of executive matters. From single-session reviews of employment agreements to extensive representation in court, our firm is ready and available to offer the counsel you need. 

For executive cases in Houston, we offer expert counsel and representation on the following issues. 

Breach of Employment Contracts

Whether you have a confidentiality agreement or terms for commissions, the language of contracts matters. Oftentimes, executive employees have numerous terms and conditions in their agreements that are difficult to keep track of. 

  • Executive compensation
  • Non-compete terms 
  • Severance 
  • Commissions
  • Benefits
  • More

When you partner with our firm, we offer in-depth examinations of contracts to identify a breach and protect your rights. Whether you need to renegotiate or fight in court, we offer guidance to pursue your best interests. 

Executive Whistleblowers

When you witness illegal actions by your company, our Houston executive employment attorney helps to protect you from retaliation. Under federal whistleblower legislation, you have rights. Our team fights to ensure you do not face discrimination and that your rights, job, and reputation have the necessary protection. 

Compensation Packages

Your executive employment agreement determines the breadth of your compensation package. When we handle executive cases, we help you understand your offer fully. Moreover, we help you negotiate a lucrative, competitive agreement that accounts for a variety of benefits. 

With an executive employment attorney on your side, you have an advocate for your best interests. Whether you have questions about a “Golden Parachute” package or other terms, we ensure you know everything before you sign. 

Severance Agreements

Some executive disputes involve termination with severance agreements. When your company offers you a package, we help you evaluate the conditions and negotiate to ensure your rights and interests are protected. 

Wrongful Termination

In executive cases, wrongful termination and retaliation are sensitive matters. When you believe your company dismissed you as a result of discrimination, our legal team investigates the matter and takes action. If there is a wrongful discharge, we hold your employer accountable. 

For Assistance with Executive Cases, Contact Our Firm

At The Craighead Law Firm, we commit ourselves to staying current with employment laws as they evolve. This allows us to offer an elevated level of service and representation for our clients. In executive disputes, our goal is to protect your best interests, hold your employer accountable for violations of your rights, and maximize your opportunities. 

Our legal team has experience with CEOs, COOs, Presidents, Chairpeople, and other C-Suite employees. When you want to protect your best interests, schedule a confidential consultation with our firm.