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As the Top Houston Expungement Lawyer, I can tell you that a party seeking expungement in an arbitration proceeding should request expungement, preferably in his or her answer, counterclaim or statement of claim. The arbitrators will decide whether to grant a request for expungement on the basis of one or more of the three standards specified in Rule 2080.

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What type of information can be expunged under Rule 2080?

Rule 2080 pertains to customer dispute information. This is typically information involving disputes between customers and member firms or their associated persons that have been reported on Forms U4 or U5 in response to the Customer Complaint/Arbitration/Civil Litigation Disclosure question(s) and associated disclosure reporting page(s). The requirements of Rule 2080 do not apply to information concerning intra-industry disputes between firms and associated persons with no customer party that typically has been reported on Form U5 in response to the Reason for Termination question or the Internal Review or Termination Disclosure questions and associated disclosure reporting page(s). Under existing CRD policy, and consistent with the 1999 moratorium, FINRA may execute, without a court order, arbitration awards rendered in disputes between firms and associated persons that contain directives to expunge information other than customer dispute information, provided that the arbitration panel states that expungement relief is being granted because of the defamatory nature of the information.

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