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11 Aug 2023

Breach of Contract Lawsuits Explained

A breach of contract lawsuit might seem simple. Someone fails to uphold their end of an agreement, and that’s that. However, these cases tend to be more complex, with the language of the contract coming into play.  That’s especially true when you reach the stage of an executive at a company. Below, we explore the […]

15 Jun 2023

Partnership Agreement Texas: Step-By-Step Guide

When it comes to forming a successful business partnership in the Lone Star State, you need a clear and well-drafted partnership agreement Texas recognizes. This article delves into the importance of partnership agreements and walks you through the process of drafting a detailed agreement customized to your business needs. I. Understanding the Importance of a […]

31 Jan 2023

8 Tips for C-Suite Contract Negotiations

C-suite contract negotiations determine the quality of your tenure in a position. Whether it’s time for a raise or a new position, follow these tips to build a stronger case. A company’s success or failure depends on its executive leadership team, which is why successful firms pay their executives well. The salary varies based on […]

29 Nov 2022

Can Officers & Directors Be Held Personally Liable?

Can officers and directors be held personally liable? While they have some protections, they are not invincible. Officers and directors are the management tier of a corporation. While the directors manage high-level business matters, officers oversee the day-to-day operation of the company. Moreover, these positions can be shareholders, employees, appointed individuals paid for consulting, or […]

10 Oct 2022

Executive Retention Packages: Negotiate Terms That Work For You

Executive retention packages serve the purpose of keeping you in a position that benefits you. As an executive, it’s likely that a lucrative job offer might cross your desk. Alternatively, your employer may agree to a merger or acquisition.  When the new company owners want to keep key executives in place, they may offer a […]

25 Aug 2022

Executive Sign-On Bonus: Terms & Negotiations

From the executive sign-on bonus to the retention bonus, bonuses are a major factor in the average executive compensation package. Whether you want to negotiate a signing bonus, performance bonus, or a retention bonus, the point is to keep the position valuable for you. Often, there’s more room to negotiate bonuses than your base salary. […]

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