30 Jul 2019

How Common is Wage Theft in the USA?

Wage theft is an awful crime, one which robs workers of their hard-earned money. There are a variety of definitions for this crime, but at its core, wage theft is when a worker or employee is not given the money they are contractually owed in exchange for the services they offer to their employers. Wage […]

17 Jun 2019

Things You Should Do To Win A Wrongful Termination Case

There is no such thing as the perfect workplace. Issues and conflicts are staples in every office all around the world, regardless of the organization size. Sometimes, these conflicts will lead to one thing and another, and the next thing knows, you’ve been terminated. If you believe that the termination is not justifiable and that […]

12 Jun 2019

What the Law Says About Being Denied Breaks at Work

Are you being denied proper breaks at work? Here are your options Regular breaks have been shown to improve workplace efficiency and help maintain employee health, but sadly, some companies try their hardest to minimize employee breaks. If you feel like your employer is not giving you the breaks you deserve, this guide will show […]