Partnership Agreement Texas: Step-By-Step Guide

When it comes to forming a successful business partnership in the Lone Star State, you need a clear and well-drafted partnership agreement Texas recognizes. This article delves into the importance of partnership agreements and walks you through the process of drafting a detailed agreement customized to your business needs. I. Understanding the Importance of a […]

When to Hire an Employment Lawyer

If you’re wondering when to hire an employment lawyer, now might be the time. When you feel unhappy with your employer’s behavior, you have options. With an employment attorney, you have an advocate to help you understand your options.  Whether you file a complaint with the EEOC or need representation in a dispute, an attorney […]

Unemployment Appeals & Employment Lawyers

Houston employment lawyer Clayton Craighead has years of experience representing employees in a variety of cases in Texas. During the pandemic, unemployment appeals have become more important than ever. If you are denied unemployment, an attorney is your advocate to help you maintain benefits in these dire times.  Employers Can Contest Your Unemployment Claims  When […]