Unemployment Appeals & Houston Employment Lawyers

Houston employment lawyer Clayton Craighead has years of experience representing employees in a variety of cases in Texas. During the pandemic, unemployment appeals have become more important than ever. If you are denied unemployment, an attorney is your advocate to help you maintain benefits in these dire times.  Employers Can Contest Your Unemployment Claims  When […]

Were You Denied Unemployment?

Denied Unemployment? An Employment Lawyer Can Help  When you are denied unemployment, a Houston employment lawyer can help you fight throughout the appeal process. When the Texas Workforce Commission denies an unemployment claim, you have the right to appeal their decision. Typically, this involves a digital appeal through their portal. However, it also requires that […]

Do You Have to Repay Unemployment Overpayment?

Do I Have to Repay Unemployment Overpayment?  Occasionally, unemployment overpayment requires workers to pay back part of their benefits. When you are paid benefits but lose them when your employer appeals, the Texas Workforce Commission may ask you to repay those benefits. This is also true when you are overpaid due to a mistake made […]

What is Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment Fraud and COVID-19 in Texas Unemployment fraud in Texas is considered to be misrepresenting your employment status and claiming that you are looking for work when you are not. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has seen an unprecedented number of unemployment claims. Fraudulent claims for unemployment compensation may seem insignificant. However, the Department […]