Houston Breach of Employment Contract Attorney

When you have an experienced Houston breach of employment contract attorney on your side, you have an advocate to protect your best interests. At The Craighead Law Firm, we offer executive representation Houston C-level employees trust. If a company breaches its contract with you, we are ready to fight for what you deserve. 

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Understanding Employment Contracts

In a breach of contract claim, we examine the written contract and determine whether it is a valid contract under Texas law. As Houston breach of contract lawyers, we revied the terms of the contract. When legal action is possible, we determine the best course of action.

Typically, disputes about contracts and agreements arise when someone fails to understand their obligations and rights in the terms. Oftentimes, the core issue is whether the contract is reasonable and enforceable. Additionally, it’s crucial to know whether both parties had due consideration before signing it. 

This means that when a company asks an employee to sign a contract, it is the duty of the employer to ensure due consideration is offered and that the document is enforceable in Texas. However, it is important for an employee to fully understand the terms and agreements established in the contract. 

In order to ensure that your executive agreement meets your needs, it’s a good idea to work with an experienced attorney. When you suspect your employer breached the terms, consult a Houston breach of employment contract attorney. With the right representation, you protect your rights and your assets. 

When Someone Breaches a Contract, You Have Rights

At The Craighead Law Firm, Clayton Craighead helps clients understand their rights, obligations, and options. When a breach of contract occurs, our legal team evaluates your contract to determine the best course of action. 

As experienced employment attorneys, we provide representation for CEOs, Presidents, Chairmen, and any other employee wronged by their company. 

Types of Breaches

As you climb the ladder at your company, it is common to have new agreements reach your desk. Breach of contract applies to an array of contractual issues, and our legal team is ready to fight for your best interests. 

With an experienced Houston breach of employment contract attorney, you have someone to represent you in claims for breach of… 

Reasonableness & Enforceability in Texas

In Texas, the reasonableness and enforceability of a contract determine whether it holds up in court. For instance, when a non-compete agreement reaches too far geographically or lasts for an unreasonable amount of time, courts may not consider it valid. 

Additionally, a failure to provide due consideration can undermine a company’s attempt to enforce such a non-compete. As breach of contract attorneys, we can evaluate the contract in question and establish a strategy that protects your interests. 

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At The Craighead Law Firm, our Houston breach of employment contract attorney reviews the terms of agreements. Once we establish the validity of the document, we build a strategy for your specific claim. If an alleged breach occurs, we discuss whether it is enforceable and help you understand your case. 

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