19 Nov 2021

Texas Employee Rights: Do You Know Your Rights?


While at-will employment may seem unfair, it’s important to understand that Texas employee rights exist. As a worker in Texas, it is crucial to understand your rights in your workplace. Moreover, it’s important to know that you have legal options when your employer breaches those rights. 

At Craighead Law Firm, our employment law attorneys protect the rights of Texas employees. When you have questions about your rights, schedule a consultation with our team. Our goal is to provide you with the legal representation you deserve when you need it most. 

Below, we offer some insight on some of the Texas employee rights protected by the law. If you have more questions, call our employment law firm directly. 

Texas Law & Employee Rights

There are several laws in Texas that protect the rights of workers. Generally speaking, they cover labor policies, occupational safety, and compensation. 

Additionally, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) works to ensure that employees have access to the resources they need. Moreover, they offer guidance to seek and maintain employment from companies that comply with the law. 

At the state and federal level, you have rights as an employee. When you understand these rights, you help to protect yourself and your colleagues. 

Your Rights as an Employee

The law provides you with numerous protections in the workplace. While some rights differ to an extent based on industry and position, there are essential basic rights that apply to the majority of employees. 

Minimum Wage

The state and federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour. As an employee, you have the right to at least this level of pay. When an employer offers you pay below this level, it is a breach of the law. 

Overtime Pay

Similar to Texas employee rights regarding minimum wage, you have the right to earn overtime pay for hours that exceed 40 within a 7-day period. Oftentimes, this sits at a rate of time and a half. 

For instance, if you earn $10 per hour normally, your overtime pay might be $15 per hour once you exceed 40 hours in a week. However, not every position has the right to overtime wages. If you have a question about whether you deserve overtime pay, contact an employment lawyer. 

A Discrimination-Free Workplace

Among Texas employee rights is the right to work in an environment free from discrimination. When this behavior occurs, it is a violation of your rights. This means you may be eligible to file a civil claim against your employer. 

Common forms of employee discrimination concern race, sex, age, disability, and other factors. 

Participation in Protected Activities

As an employee, you have the right to participate in protected activities without fear of retaliation from your employer. This includes the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation when you are injured on the job. 

The same is true should you file a complaint of discrimination. Additionally, this protects your right to vote and serve jury duty. 

This sample of Texas employee rights is far from exhaustive. To learn more about your rights as a worker, call our firm today. 

Did Your Employer Breach Your Rights?

Oftentimes, it is difficult to understand the breadth of your rights as an employee. At Craighead Law Firm, it is our mission to ensure workers’ rights are protected. When an employer violates your rights, it is crucial to understand the remedies available to you. 

For a confidential consultation with our highly rated employment attorney, call today. 

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