Clayton Craighead Undergrad Scholarship

The Craighead Law Firm is proud to offer a series of scholarships to students who have shown an interest in pursuing careers of a legal profession. As Houston employment lawyers, we understand the important role that lawyers play in protecting the rights of our fellow citizens.

PURPOSE The purpose of the Clayton Craighead Law Firm Scholarship Awards is to provide awards to college students who have shown a career interest in the legal profession. 

AWARDS An Undergrad Scholarship Award is available in the amount of $750. All scholarship awards will be paid directly to the recipients. 

ELIGIBILITY Applicants must be an Undergrad Student aspiring to become a Lawyer. 

Applicants must be US citizens 

The Clayton Craighead Law Firm Scholarship Award is awarded without regard to race, sex, religion, age, national origin or sexual orientation. Craighead Law Firm will not award scholarships to applicants who are not qualified and reserves the right not to award a scholarship in a given year. 

SELECTION CRITERIA An Undergrad Student working towards a Law Degree to become a Lawyer. 

Student essay Academic standing (minimum required high school GPA of 3.25) 

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS To be considered for a Clayton Craighead Law Firm Scholarship Award, applicants must complete an application and return it to Craighead Law Firm by December 15, 2019. 

The application must include: 

A completed application form. Only completed application forms will be considered 

A one page (< 500 words) statement stating the applicant’s qualifications and educational and career goals 


Write an essay stating the reasons as to why you decided to become a lawyer. Include things such as the factors that influenced to become a lawyer like life events, people that inspired you, cases that stuck with you or what intrigues you about becoming a lawyer.