24 Sep 2020

Houston Employment Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

Free Consultations with a Houston Employment Lawyer 

free consultation with Houston Employment Lawyer

As Houston employment lawyers, we want you to understand our process. Working with our employment law firm, Houston employees have an opportunity to find an advocate for issues in their work environment. Much like working with a personal injury lawyer or DWI lawyer, we find ways to advocate for your best interests. 

The Craighead Law Firm offers free consultations and case evaluations to Houston employees looking to right a wrong. Whether you faced wrongful termination or overtime law violations, our legal team can help you. Scheduling a consultation is the first step, and we want you to know what to expect. 

Our law office represents employees in a wide range of employment law issues. From wage and hour disputes to employment discrimination, we have the experience you need to fight for your rights.

What to Expect in Your Initial Consultation 

Many of our clients have never met with a Houston employment attorney before. Therefore, our goal is to make them as comfortable as possible. A free consultation with an employment law firm is an opportunity for you and the lawyer.

Here are some common questions we receive prior to our free consultation in Houston, Texas. We want you to understand our process and ensure that we are here to advocate for you and your rights.

Will I Speak to a Houston Employment Lawyer? 

Oftentimes, clients don’t expect to meet with an attorney right away. At The Craighead Law Firm, you will always consult with a Houston employment attorney during your free consultation. 

Our Houston employment lawyers will listen to your case and evaluate the situation. Likewise, you have the chance to evaluate our law firm. Litigation and lawsuits are complex processes. We want to earn your trust before we dive into the process.

What Should I Bring? 

While there is no requirement for you to bring anything, some documents are helpful. For example, an overtime violation requires certain levels of proof in regard to time spent working. Similarly, a wrongful termination case may require an examination of emails. 

We trust that you understand the facts of your experience and will share it with us. We do not require documents upfront because the initial consultation focuses on you and your story. When you decide to retain the Firm, we will discuss the documents necessary to proceed with your case. 

How Should I Prepare for the Consultation? 

To make the free consultation a positive experience, you don’t need to prepare anything. During this consultation, our Houston employment lawyer will want to hear your story. Afterward, they will ask questions about certain details pertaining to the case. 

If you want to prepare, you may wish to make notes and review documents relevant to your case. Should you have any pertinent questions, write them down. This helps you remember them and cover every detail. 

Does a Consultation Mean I Have to Retain Your Houston Employment Law Firm? 

The purpose of the consultation is for everyone to better understand the situation. We discuss potential strategies and ideas for your case. However, you do not have to retain our firm.

Sometimes, people decide that the legal process is not the way they want to resolve an employment dispute. Often, people schedule a consultation to confirm what they already know. 

The decision to retain an attorney is yours alone. However, in situations where you have an employment issue our legal team can help with, our attorneys may discuss fees and the retainer process. And just so you know, nearly every case we handle is on a contingency basis.

Schedule Your Free Consultation 

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the process of free consultations and case evaluations. Navigating labor and employment law is difficult to do alone. Moreover, taking a dispute with your employer is a stressful, overwhelming experience. However, a free consultation should not be a stressful situation. It is simply a matter of exploring your options. 

At The Craighead Law Firm, our Houston employment lawyers advocate for the rights of employees. We have extensive experience in a broad range of employment disputes.  

  •           Discrimination 
  •           Wrongful Termination 
  •           Overtime Violations 
  •           Retaliation 
  •           Hostile Work Environments
  •           Sexual Harassment 
  •           And more 

Legal representation through employment law attorneys helps people level the playing field with their employer. Whether you are the victim of wage theft or an EEOC violation, you might be entitled to compensation. Schedule a free consultation with our Houston employment attorneys and let us show you how we can help you win.